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…in thinking beyond the limits of curriculum, more is required than simply a plea to add marginalized voices to an already overpopulated site. Inclusion, or the belief that one discourse can make room for those it must exclude, can only produce, as Butler puts it, ‚Äúthat theoretical gesture of pathos in which exclusions are simply affirmed as sad necessities of signification.

The case of how gay and lesbian studies has been treated in a sentimental education that attempts to be anti-homophobic serves as my example of where arguments for inclusion produce the very exclusions they are meant to cure.

Part of the tension is that in discourses of inclusion, there tend to be only two pedagogical strategies: provisions of information and techniques for attitudinal change. These two strategies are emblematic of the limitations produced when gay and lesbian subjects are reduced to the problem of remedying homophobia, a conceptualization that stalls within a humanist psychological discourse of individual fear of homosexuality as abject contagion and shuts out an examination of how the very term homophobia as a discourse centers heterosexuality as the normal.

Britzman, “Is There a Queer Pedagogy? Or, Stop Reading Straight”

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